I am a big fan of alternate forms of entertainment. There is something intriguing about seeing something that has never happened before.

So for those reasons I was excited for the one-on-one golf match today between Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods.

Despite a climactic finish, the match did not live up to expectations.

There is a certain art to entertainment. Shark tank would not be what it is without the sharks swimming around in the tanks and the crude remarks from the moguls… It’s the little things that help paint the picture and tell the story.

“The match” did not have enough entertainment to keep a viewer engaged for 18 holes… Nevermind 22.

At first, I thought whoever put this idea together was brilliant. And in some ways they still are for pulling it off. But the format needed something more in order for it to become sustainable if they want to do this again.

A viewer’s time is precious. Anytime you have their attention, you must work to keep it.

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