This app has saved my $100 in the last week ALONE!

Ever get tired of going back and forth between Uber and Lyft (and Juno if you’re in NYC) to see which will be the cheapest option in real time?

Or maybe you’re too lazy to compare so you just pay more…

Either way, enter Bellhop.

Bellhop automatically calculates the real time rate of all the major rideshare services, compares them, and sets you up to book the cheapest option.

Once you’ve identified the option you want to book, you can confirm Lyft directly within the Bellhop app, whereas Uber, it connects you into your Uber app. Both work seamlessly. It’s really simple and genius at the same time.

So today, when you’re going to the polls, if you’re traveling in somebody else’s car, hopefully you can save a few dollars with Bellhop.

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