Taking off from Chicago yesterday was hectic… So much so that for the second day this year, I didn’t write to you. As one of my favorite authors James Clear states habits are not meant to be perfect.

While dealing with plane delays and traffic in transit, I used an app I have been frequenting more often by the name of Endel.

In their own words, Endel broadcasts personalized sounds to help you focus and relax. I first met the founders at the Music Techstars accelerator sessions.

Whether you’re on the go, trying to sleep, or focus on doing deep work, their AI creates a soundscape for the present moment. It’s that simple.

I usually meditate with Headspace, but recently have been experimenting with using Endel for this too. Sometimes I prefer sounds instead of a voice during my meditations.

The app uses science to create algorithm powered soundscapes to adapt to your location, weather, and even your circadian rhythm.

If you’re interested in learning more, you can download the app.



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