I installed QLEARLY over the weekend and am so glad I did!

For years, I’ve been using the clunky bookmark toolbar in Chrome to hold my eight most frequented websites.

I never viewed this bar as a nuisance, but now that it’s gone, I am so grateful for the added screen space.

So what replaced it? 

QLEARLY – a way better modern bookmark and tab manager.

It’s a Google extension to organize your favorite (and most frequented) websites by columns and boards.

Each time you open a new tab, your default board will load within a second (see the photo example below).

There are certain Google sheets I review and edit weekly to track goals, my network, and progress on key projects. I found it super helpful to have these all in their own column on QLEARLY, my artists’ social analytics be another column, etc.

QLEARLY does require two clicks instead of one to get to your favorite, but I still like it better than maintaining a bookmarks bar within view at all times.

A simple column of bookmarks is outdated to the way we allocate our time and our brains process information. QLEARLY is far superior and I’m glad to find it so early in its beta process.

iPhone Unread Messages Update:

It’s incredible how many people suffer from the iPhone unread messages problem I wrote about yesterday.

I promised I would update yesterday’s article with any solution I found, but since I received as many replies as any post this year, I am updating you here.

The bad news is there is no perfect fix.

The good news is the below workaround “sort of” works and was suggested by multiple people. Basically, you hold the message so you can preview it, which doesn’t mark it as read… Not ideal, but better than nothing.

This solution is not about avoiding read receipts, but actually about ensuring the messages shows up as unread for your view so you don’t accidentally disregard it before responding if you needed to.



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