Last week, Al Gore and Jaden Smith spoke one-on-one at Summit LA about their environmental concerns and the future catastrophe of global warming.

Al Gore referenced the hurricanes, which have plagued our country the last few years, as well as the fires, which have plagued our city here in LA. He claimed these once in a thousand year (or more) catastrophes are the result of the increased heat in our earth’s atmosphere.

We are a couple years from the point of no return… And if you thought you couldn’t “see” global warming before, I can attest to seeing the flames… Last year, right around this time, Rachel and I were evacuating our home in Sherman Oaks. Luckily, our home was sparred… But not everybody is so lucky. My aunt just had to evacuate her home in Westlake where houses are currently on fire in her neighborhood.

My thoughts and prayers go to those whose homes are burning tonight or are in the vicinity of the fire. I commend the firefighters out there walking into the fire to save our city.

We need¬†global legislation in this area to protect our world. It will be here long after we are… And it’s all we have.

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