It’s been exactly one year since I decided to buy and commissioned construction on the site.

I had been inspired by Fred Wilson’s daily newsletter on venture capital for years at that point and was craving for somebody to offer the same daily sentiment in music.

It took losing over and over again (mainly as a recording artist) for four years before I was able to get my first win on my belt in music as a manager of Krewella. While books and blogs were helpful during that time, it was the daily conversations I would have with my peers (successful or not) which laid the framework I needed to break my first act. I am so grateful for that era as it taught me the power of growth hacking before I knew the term.

The music industry can appear a mystery to those trying to get their foot in the door. When I realized nobody else was going to champion information in this format in music, I decided to take the dive and write every day.

I am not good at coming up with names, but artofamanager came to me within days of committing to writing.

I have since taken some flack for the name. I realize there are lots of other managers more successful than I am… And by no means have I ever intended for this blog to put myself on a pedestal. I work my ass off everyday to become the best I can be. I didn’t name the blog artofTHEmanager because I’m not the only perspective. I’m just one perspective… A manager’s perspective.

I recognize the term “manager”, while at times all encompassing, can also be limiting. In some ways, it implies being a manager is what and all I am. Those who know me well know the career I aspire to have and regardless of my entrepreneurial pursuits, I believe I will always consider myself a manager.

I learned management by working together with talented individuals to create demand for businesses we build together.

I’m not sure I will ever stop doing that… And am proud of the commitment I made last year to have my values on full display every day.

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