If you deliver difficult conversations honestly, it’s usually a huge relief. They very, very rarely go as bad as your brain imagines them in your head.

The sooner you address a conflict, the sooner the anxiety disappears from your own head.

The sooner you muster the strength to face the situation, the sooner you can operate from a place of mutual respect and understanding with those involved.

Sharing is caring… Even when you’re sharing feels like it will be a burden to everybody.

It seems easy to not address issues as they arise and wait until they come to the surface, especially for political reasons – Why rock the boat if you don’t have to and somebody else eventually will?

It takes a brave and actualized person to say the truth instead of allowing it to continue to fester into a real problem.

It can seem scary, but the outcome is always better to let it go than hold it inside or swipe it under the rug.

What have you been meaning to say to somebody, but haven’t had the courage to do so?

What are you hiding that is eating you alive inside?

Have you been in a relationship that isn’t healthy for you, but you’re afraid to let the other person down?

Do you stay in your job because you fear telling your family you’re unemployed as you pursue your dream?

I have let relationships stay in my life for too long before and am sure you have to.

Over the years, some of the greatest secrets I’ve held from those closest to me have become the foundation of our strengthened relationship when I decided to stop focusing on holding them in and instead focused out on sharing them.

The point is – it’s your life. You can live it however you please – there’s no reason to live according to others’ expectations.

Others are often ready and willing to listen. The real question is, are you ready to speak?

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