In the past, some artists shied away from releasing content or doing much at all in Q4 afraid of being overshadowed by the blockbuster holiday releases.

Today, many of those artists have their own captive audiences, so they don’t worry about the mainstream media paying attention to others – they know the importance of catering to their fans.

This year, we’ve learned the importance of quantity and having a diverse content strategy in order to continue to bring fans back to the artist’s world and most recent releases.

Here are three examples of interesting marketing I saw over the last couple days which play perfectly to the 3R’s (repetition, relevance, and retention)

1. Release cycles never stop

Russ releases three songs as a continuation from his September album release

The 26-year-old Russ is no stranger to releasing lots of content. Zoo, his 13th album (second on Columbia Records), came out in September. Rather than holding out until the new year to release new music, Russ gave his fans an early Christmas present by releasing three songs he felt “belong in that chapter of my life”. A lot of artists and their teams probably would have held these songs back for a future release or even not release them at all for fear they could take away from the success of the current album. Russ is aware his core fan base is the one buying tickets to his sold out arena shows and he knows they are always ready for new songs… In fact, this capsule release may remind fans to dig back into his album this holiday season!

2. Content creation can be fun

Diplo releases a rap video remix of Sicko Mode turning it into a Santa Challenge

snow on the ground freezing cold
santas on his way in the sleigh .
rudolph gonna do it for a little elf
hanging up those stocking on the top shelf 

Diplo has never been shy of showing his personality. His multiple music projects (Diplo, Major Lazer, Jack U, LSD, Mad Decent) give him multiple tentacles to showcase different aspects of his artistry and persona. At its core, social media is an opportunity to entertain – Diplo’s brand is full of sarcastic twists and turns to always keep the fans constantly entertained. His Sound Originals commercial, a one minute must watch, had me cracking up earlier this year. Now, he’s back at it again turning “Sicko Mode” into “Santa Mode” with a one minute video from a private jet for the gram. Being able to make fun of yourself is essential to creating relateability with your fans. While Diplo’s songs are consumed far and wide, he caters to his core fans through almost every status by always giving them the humor they’ve come to know him for.

3. Pay attention to the time of the year and create content to cater to it

Post Malone drops single on a Monday with holiday video

Disregarding the Friday major release cycle, Posty finishes off his transcendent year with one final song release accompanied by a Christmas holiday themed video. A lot of artists may have found the video treatment cheesy or on the nose, but Post and his team know what the fans are looking for this month and brilliantly gave it to them. It doesn’t seem like the song has anything to do with the holidays, yet that didn’t stop Post, Dre, and the team at Republic from taking advantage of the time of the year to make noise.

What have been your favorite artist marketing campaigns (statuses, content, holiday bundles, etc.) this holiday season? Please send my way!

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