I saw the movie tonight… Wow.

I dream of working with acts who reach that pinnacle of greatness.

The way Queen included their fans in their movement was so far ahead of its time – What other act has had the audience play an instrument the way “boom, boom, clap” creates the beat for “We Will Rock You”?

Queen took a massive risk by incorporating opera and the results speak for themselves – As I went to pull the song link for this post, it’s incredible to see how many more streams they have on multiple songs on Spotify than top songs from their iconic contemporaries, including the Beatles and the Rolling Stones.

Everything about Queen was different… As mentioned in the movie, “Fortunes favors the bold.”

It’s always sad when a legend dies young… Queen’s records are cemented in culture and seeing their story reincarnated as a movie reminds all of us in the industry what is possible through the power of songs and conviction.

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