Systems, processes, and habits can all serve great purposes in our lives.

However, sometimes we seek to control our time and manage our schedules so much we aren’t always open to possibility… Open to many of life’s gifts which come wrapped in spontaneity.

Yesterday, I had gone skiing in the morning and after having showered, I had zero interest in going back out into the snow… But Rachel had been under the weather for a couple days. Having not gotten to partake in any of the outdoor activities, she was eager to go sledding. Reluctantly, I agreed to go.

A sledding lane had been built for us up the hill from our house. We did it a few times and had a blast… Then, Rachel went inside and I decided to sled down the half mile road leading to my family’s cabin. I wound up sledding up and down that road for two hours… It was the most fun I had in a long time!

If I had followed my intention of getting finances organized and reading over those few hours, I would have completely missed out.

There is a time for everything… And it’s important to be aware of how we spend our time because it’s the most important resource we have.

At the same time (pun intended), we can be flexible and move like water as unexpected opportunities flow in our direction.

If you’re so focused on what you had planned to do, you may miss the beauty of what is being presented as I almost did yesterday.

Being committed and being malleable are not mutually exclusive. Furthermore, being spontaneous in all areas of life is what keeps it interesting!

“Every time I run across something, it’s because I was looking for something else, which I consider real discovery. It’s when you don’t expect it that you really discover something.”  ― Jeff Goins

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