I rarely make Tool Tuesday a reading resource, but the 2019 Trends Report by Edelman Digital is very intriguing for a student of communication, engagement, and strategy like myself.

It’s free and here are four of my favorite takeaways if you don’t have the time or patience to read the entire thing –

1/How growing up with social Media has impacted Gen Z in the workplace

“While big technology startups defined the prior generation, Gen Z lives in a world where anything is a business and anyone is an entrepreneur, no coding or MBA required. Being an influencer—just being yourself, in public, and on a bigger platform than ever—is a real, professional ambition. The consequence of all this is that they’re more entrepreneurial, competitive and excellent at multitasking.”

“Driven by social mechanics, the instantaneous feedback loop is a big part of their experience—whatever “work” they do, they expect to see an immediate social outcome.”

2/You can crowdsource your fanbase to create

“Crowdsourcing new product and marketing ideas isn’t anything new, but what’s really important is the bigger trend to embrace customers to help market and design products and contribute to the go-to market process so they feel connected, offer better ideas and are more integrated with your brand.”

I’ve recommended to multiple artists recently to crowdsource fan feedback and even content creation. If the fanbase is truly engaged, they will create content for the artist as long as the artist motivates them to create and welcomes their contribution.

3/Marketing is inherently built in, whether you realize it or not

When an artist makes a song, every aspect of it – the genre, the BPM, the attitude, the sound design, etc. – all have a role in determining the audience it attracts, regardless of whether that process is conscious by the artist and their team.

Marketing is present at every touch point of the creation process as can be seen below. As artists have the keys to their social media, most will inherently need to be or become great marketers in order to rally their fanbase and propel their careers.

“In an era of accountability, content may be king, but context is the kingdom.”

4/Data ownership will shift from the social and commerce platforms into the hands of the influencers who created the audience in the first place.

“We’re on the precipice of a power shift in the tale of consumer data ownership, use and sale. “

“As data becomes increasingly recognized as an asset, ownership and stewardship become greater priorities to increase acquisition, loyalty and advocacy.”

2019 will be the year artists and their teams begin to shift their mentality from how they can improve their social engagement to how they can actually own the relationships with their fans they’ve worked so hard to create. Own your data. Own your future.

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