How long will it take for our entire industry to recognize user generated content (UGC) is essential to the growth of our artists and their music?

If we’re all already on board with that mentality, then how long will it take for labels and social networks to come up with a deal which propels (instead of repels) UGC?

Over the past 24 hours, I’ve had two posts on my personal instagram of my clients’ work taken down by their labels. Both posts were almost a year old. Others at my company had the same happen to similar posts of theirs… Which makes me wonder if labels are still issuing takedowns on YouTube too?

Instagram was invented in 2010. Should it take 8 years to figure out a deal to ensure this content imperative to the growth of records remains alive on the internet? I was under the impression terms had been reached to enable users to include music in their posts and stories? But based on these takedowns, it clearly isn’t fully figured out completely¬†yet.

In my opinion, the artists’ work deserves to be seen and shared by their fans.

Instagram has been the music industry’s best friend for awhile, but will the music industry be their best friend anytime soon?

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