Today, I got asked by a reader if I could turn the daily posts into audio files like mini podcasts each day. This is not the first time this has been asked and it’s a great idea.

Earlier this year, one of my mentees designed a few images to use on social media outlining a post. They were awesome!

Hypothetically, having an audio and social format every day would be great.

These formats would likely expand readership and accessibility – The latter is very important, but these are not current priorities for me. The extent of my commitment is typing out the best ideas I can each day to share with you. What happens to them from there is up to this community and the world.

I don’t write for other publications because I am not a writer by trade, but anybody is free to use and embed any aspect of my writings / quotes however they wish. It is always a joy to see them shared and discussed. 

Thanks for bearing with the current format for now.


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