Yesterday, it became public that facebook’s messenger service, WhatsApp, and instagram DM’s will have their conversations merged with each other (estimated by end of the year or early 2020), despite still operating as standalone apps (for now).

We associate “crypto” and “blockchain” to the financial markets – since thinking about the future of currencies has these terms, it is easier to discuss them.

However, the future of currency won’t be the only sector experiencing immense evolution over the coming years… Based on the evolutionary cycles guiding technology’s past battles between centralization vs. decentralization, social media and messaging are due for radical changes.

Facebook is utilizing its acquisitions to keep users engaged with their suite of products. By bringing all the apps together in a more unified way, they are attempting to dominate the market similar to how WeChat has in China in order to control data, sell products, and generate advertising revenue.

Americans currently use several services in addition to the ones owned by facebook, ranging from Apple’s iMessage to SMS to various Google chat apps. Since facebook will never want or be able to unite these competing products, they plan to do everything in their power to keep you using their messaging apps so therein lies an opportunity for other companies to figure out how to integrate all messaging by potentially building a layer on top of all messaging platforms… And that company may be tomorrow’s winner.

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