How many artists do you know who released three bodies of work multiple years in a row? 

Fashion houses create a new collection every season without fail, regardless of the success of the previous season.

As we continue to learn the meaning of the digital album cycle, most artists are still not releasing content consistently enough to embolden their fans.

It’s easy to look to a playlist, blog, radio, etc. to provide traffic, but as CTC taught us, what if the real challenge in getting traffic and converting fans comes down to the content itself?

While the quality and positioning of content is essential, the consistency is critical.

As EP’s become more important to keeping the content cycle flowing, it’s time to rename and redefine their meaning. This point and the fashion collection analogy was explained to me by industry extraordinaire Neil Jacobson.

High fashion is art. If fashion houses have been conditioned to this consistent beat for as long as I’ve been alive, what will it take for artists and their teams to shift the paradigm and commit to consistency in release scheduling? Despite the way it’s often done, you can plan what comes next before having the opportunity to react to what is happening now.

You can always adjust a timeline, but you need to be mentally committed and have finished music (and videos) in hand in order to make moves.

Part of what makes music so interesting are the inconsistencies – the mystery of not knowing what’s coming next or when it is coming.

However, similar to subscriptions, it will only take one superstar artist to break this mold.

Imagine if instead of putting out an album Justin Bieber put out four EP’s this year?


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