If you’re a young person aspiring to make your impact on the industry, there is no need to be insecure about what you don’t know… as long as you believe in yourself enough to figure things out.

Learning is cheaper than it’s ever been. Can you imagine what others had to do to get information pre internet?! 🙂

For what can’t be found in books or articles, having a mentor (or hopefully mentors) who can explain the way things work and support your navigation through difficult waters is essential. Mentors usually show up when you’re ready for them and not a second sooner so if you’re struggling to find a mentor, keep working toward your vision.

When I started managing, I didn’t know much and had zero relationships in music… But I believed in my act and I believed in myself… Enough to get the answers.

For any time it would have been nice to know an answer from the onset, I made up for it in hustle and by getting opinions from multiple people I respected who had already experienced what I was currently going through. Krewella’s lawyer Evan Krauss was an especially great teacher during this era for me.

If you’re focused on your insecurity, it can consume you, but if you’re comfortable not knowing the answers and willing to be confident, despite your ignorance, you can learn.

If you’re struggling with this, remember “not knowing” can actually be a blessing. If you don’t know the way things have always been done, you can utilize rookie smarts to innovate and find a new or better way.

If you’re still feeling insecure, hopefully the following provides solace for you: our entire industry is changing every year… So much to the point, all of us, even executives in their prime, are still figuring it out.

And anybody that tells you otherwise is just putting on a front or overly arrogant.

We’re all learning everyday. You’re never alone in this pursuit.

Being in a constant state of unknown can be intimidating, but everybody you look up to has been through it. If you already have, then it’s time to look out for somebody who’s going through it now.

Great things will come from it… Like the idea for this post 🙂

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