I meant to write about the Magic for Humans series after I saw it last year on Netflix because it’s spectacular… In fact, it was just picked up for two more seasons!

Tonight, Rachel and I had the magical experience of witnessing Justin Willman, the man behind the show, perform his residency show at the Hollywood Roosevelt theater.

We were floored throughout the evening by Justin’s creative pursuit of illusion – He left our minds in awe time and time again from accomplishing seemingly impossible feats! In 2019, Justin is the bar for world class entertainment.

Sitting in the 120 person capacity room, you could feel you were witnessing a truly prodigious talent on his way straight to the top. I told Justin after the show he will host the Emmy Awards one day… And his eventual Vegas residency will sell out for decades to come!

Since I can’t tell you any of his tricks from the show since you need to go see it for yourself, here’s a trick Justin performed on Ellen back in 2012!

And if you haven’t seen Magic for Humans that came out last year and need to turn your brain in a different direction this weekend after a long work week, I highly recommend it… One of my favorites scenes from the Netflix show is below to give you a taste of the smiles it will bring you and your loved ones 🙂 enjoy!


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