You know by now I’m productivity obsessed, but despite my love for Slack, Google spreadsheets, and checklists, I haven’t written here about typical project management apps like Asana or Trello (other than for Timelines, which are dope!). The reason is I’m still not sure what the best working solution is.

However, what is certain is goals need to be measured in order to propel growth. And while everybody may have their own way of managing productivity that works best for them, the language and culture of goal setting must be standardized across a team.

I wrote about the importance of OKR’s at the end of the year and we spent our company retreat designing our objectives and key results to determine where we’re headed in 2019… And beyond.

It’s imperative these OKR’s are stored somewhere… And wherever they are stored is going to be a truly sacred place for our team this year.

After reviewing multiple applications, we decided on a start-up called Ally – “A simple and scalable OKR solution“. I don’t know much about them yet… But the app seems very simple to use, which is imperative to adoption across a team – It’s easy to both create and track the progress of our goals at all levels.

Similar to many of you, 2019 is a year of prioritization and accountability for me, and I believe Ally is going to be essential to staying focused on that mission!┬áIf you have experience scaling OKR software across team, I’d love to hear your thoughts on what’s worked (or hasn’t) for you.

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