Happy new year!

Right when I think there isn’t one more tool I can write about, four or five new ones enter my life… Sometimes thanks to one of you 🙂

Innovation is happening around us every day and there are multiple tools I’ve been using and haven’t shared yet I hope will bring joy to your life in 2019!

In the meantime, for today, here’s a directory of all 47 Tool Tuesday’s to date for your reference with a one liner next to them in case you’re looking for some tools to supercharge your new year! I’ve put a * next to the ones I use every week.


Slack* – Increase your company culture by cutting down on emails, pointless notifications, and increasing collaboration

Asana Timelines – An organized 10,000 foot view to manage and create accountability across an entire campaign

Zapier* – Get your apps to speak to each other to increase efficiencies and decrease time wasting activities


Qlearly* – create boards with quick links instead of letting a bookmarks toolbar take up window space

The Great Suspender* – if you have lots of tabs open, suspend them to keep your computer running fast

Honey* – Save time searching for the best deal and ensure you’re getting it with one click of this browser plug-in


Snoozing Email* – single biggest email organization tip of all time! Gmail now has it incorporated without needing an add on app.

Gmail Meter* – how many emails are you sending/receiving a month

CloudHQ – Share folders of emails with other team members

Unroll.me – Unsubscribe from lots of random email lists from one place

Pocket – Need to read an article, but don’t want to do it right now? Throw it in your pocket until you’re ready.

Pause Inbox – Create space for deep work

Multiple Inboxes* – I LOVE having this on desktop so much I wish I had it on mobile too. If anybody knows how to set it up, please let me know!

Undo Send*


Google Alerts* – you can set this up for your clients, or even executives who inspire you or you like to follow

Google Trends* – See how many times your artist is searched and see how it compares to others

50 Ideas to Promote a Single*

Jammcard – For putting your band together!

SpotOnTrack – Complete case study for how SpotOnTrack can be used to evaluate any song’s growth on Spotify

SubmitHub – Submit your songs to blog writers

Songtrust – Get your unpublished songs registered and administered for a fair rate to make sure you don’t miss out on any royalties for independent releases

Bonjoro – Create a moment with a fan by sending them a video to express gratitude

Entertainment Intelligence – Most robust streaming analytics tool in the marketplace





Sleep Cycle* – Measure your sleep patterns and wake up refreshed when your body is ready

Genius Scan


Moment – iPhone has this functionality now without needing the app

Grayscale iPhone* – Shortcut to remove color from your phone to decrease your desire to check social media


Best Self Journal* – My favorite calendar and goal tracking tool, especially for those fans of writing it down!

Trumedic Neck & Back Massager* – Gamechanger!

J Pillow* – the best travel pillow ever invented!

BOSE Wearable Speaker


SocialRank – This was arguably the most important social tool I wrote about this year, but it no longer works after instagram shut it down. If anybody has an alternative, please let me know.




Planned Drives by Waze*

Bellhop* – This app saved me over $25 headed home from the airport the other day!

Hotel Tonight – Last minute deals on hotels


Atomic Habits


2019 Digital Trends Report

The Third Door


Myers-Briggs Personality Test


Karl’s Mortage Calculator





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