You’re already familiar with Shazam.

The reason I’m writing about them today is because they have a tool I enjoy that is a bit hidden in their app so I am bringing it to the forefront here in case it can be valuable to you.

I believe the country Shazam charts are only updated weekly on their site.

However, in their app, if you go to the discover section and click on the “Shazam Charts”, you can explore the top 10 tracks Shazam’ing in real time around the world city-by-city (I’m verifying how often the charts update and will revise this post later to reflect what I learn).

For example, here is California. You can click on any city to see the list.

When you have a record getting radio play in a territory or group of specific markets, this is a valuable tool to know quickly if it’s resonating and utilize that information scale the record’s story across the world accordingly.

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