Yesterday, I received an email alerting me Emmit Fenn’s “Painting Greys”┬áis #1 on the iTunes chart in… Cambodia.

How did I get this email in real time? Whale Report.

I’m actually surprised I haven’t written about this tool yet… Whale Report tracks charts in real-time across all major platforms globally.

Their website has easy viewing for chart debuts, but their best functionality is you can easily set-up any song for a “quick alert” in order to receive real time notifications when that song hits a new peak position on the Spotify, Apple or Shazam chart in any country around the world. And it’s free.

For example, if you had a song with a previous peak chart position of #79 in Norway and it jumped to #51, you will receive an email notification for the new peak position.

You do not have to be the artist or label to set-up a quick alert – anybody can for any song!

Setting up a quick alert with Whale Report is one of several aspects of our company’s single release template set-up to ensure a song is set-up for the best chance at success… And that when it thrives, we are the first to know about it, even if it’s all the way in Cambodia!

It’s worth mentioning the Whale Report was built by Monte Lipman and the team over at Republic Records – their invention displays how far ahead they were in terms of using data to make sound decisions in their approach to signing and marketing artists.

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