“What you resist not only persists… but will grow in size.” -Carl Jung

Last week, I wrote about how my simple New Year’s Resolution is to smile more and judge less.

Is it possible that the phrase “judge less” actually triggers more judgement? It’s quite possible… Because what we resist persists.

For example, if your goal is to stop smoking instead of aspiring to “quit smoking” or be “smoke free”, you can focus on the “freedom to choose” or “consistently making choices for your long-term health”.

For some reason, our brain processes words like “more” or “less” as resistance to the goal we hope to achieve in the first place… By using them, we sometimes mistakenly attract the opposite of what we were aiming for.

Instead of concentrating it on the negative, you can focus on what you want to embody and the benefits of who you will become once you do.

There are goals, there are systems, and there is shaping your identify of self – If you wholeheartedly believe you are the person you want to become, then you will.

Change your language. Change your life.

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