I turned 30 today.

When I think about where my life is, there is only one word that comes to mind: gratitude.

I am aware I won the lottery the day I was born into my amazing family.

While we can’t control who our families are, we can always control who we spend our lives with.

I’m grateful for the many moments which led Rachel and I to build the life we have together. In order to find love in this world, you must be willing to be vulnerable enough to be worthy of it. So not a day passes where I’m not blessed Rachel let her guard down and opened up her heart to me. She’s better than the woman of my dreams.

There was another moment in my 20’s too that was truly life shifting for me…

When I graduated from college, I took a brief gig as the CMO and Creative Director of a corporately owned retail candy store chain named Campus Candy (here is my early video production skills at work lol).

One of the reasons I took the job was because of my dad’s philosophy: get wins on your belt early in life. They stay with you.

Campus Candy was the perfect transition for me from school to the real world… But the entire time I was with the company, all I wanted to do was be a recording artist. I spent my entire salary shooting music videos on the weekends and working with producers to shape my sound.

The truth was I wasn’t talented enough to be an artist… But good luck telling me that back then.

After ten months, I parted ways with the job and New York City. I moved back in with my parents in Chicago. After graduating a semester early from school, now I felt like I was a semester behind… But I knew what I wanted… To make an impact on the music industry forever.

When I went over to Krewella’s house one night to record ad libs on one of my songs, I left with the possibility of becoming their co-manager, alongside Nathan Lim. Nathan had been developing them for a few years at that point. While the band hadn’t accomplished much yet, their energy was palpable. They had a burning desire to see their dreams come true.

I feel so lucky Kris, Jahan, Yasmine, and Nathan welcomed me into their world. Together, we brought the rock to the rave, and ever since, I’ve been able to have a career in an industry I love.

Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if they didn’t give me that chance. How would I have found my third door in music?

I’m not sure I would have…  

When we first started working together, we executed brilliantly on activations enabling the group to have a career. If the plan didn’t come together as quick as they did, what would have happened?

Once again, I’m not sure… I can only count my lucky stars these four people believed in me enough to give me the opportunity to work with them and that together we were able to achieve some of our many vast dreams.

We’re all on our own individual paths now as friends, except for J and Yaz who remain sisters and tied by the bond that is Krewella, but these four people, alongside my incredible wife, changed my life by giving me the decade I was looking for in my 20’s.

When I look back at all that has happened in the last seven years since I became a manager, I know only one thing is for certain… The best is yet to come. Thanks to all of you in my network who continue to open my eyes to what is possible as we create the future together.

Happy birthday to me!

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