Are you conscious your energy can be felt immediately as you walk into a room? Or even when you’re right outside it!

We as human beings have a 9 foot aura, the magnetic field of energy our personality projects into our surroundings. Your aura is determined by the mental thoughts you vibrate into the world.

While the energy we bring to our space impacts our mood and those around us, what’s also interesting is most key “fork in the road” moments in life are decided when we’re not in the room.

Regardless of whether you’re an employee or entrepreneur (or both!), other people will decide whether they want to work and build with you and to what extent in their own time.

Whether it’s a client having to decide whether to sign with you or your boss deciding if you deserve a raise, these decisions will often be made when you’re not present.

However, decision makers will remember how you made them feel when you were in their presence… Giving us even more reason to be conscious of our aura and the energy we project into the room… and the world.

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