Exactly two weeks ago, JYP Entertainment officially launched their newest act, a girl group by the name of ITZY.

Their debut music video for “Dalla Dalla” set the record for most viewed K-Pop debut video in the first 12 hours with over 5MM views. To clarify, this was the group’s first release ever.

Sandwiched between Calma and Girls Like You, Dalla Dalla debuted at #2 on the YouTube chart and now has over 60MM views! Billboard has already proclaimed ITZY as a “monster rookie” and has confirmed their release to be the best debut of any K-Pop act on the chart.

Last year, I got to witness the JYP team’s focus and dedication on my trip to Seoul to visit their new headquarters.

The top K-Pop labels’ meticulous story telling and positioning upon rolling out an artist combined with the extreme attention to detail in creative branding is execution that is unparalleled in other parts of the globe.

When you combine that energy with the fact these companies launch acts just once or twice a year to their immense platform of engaged fans, a digital explosion is created. This power is unprecedented by any other labels in the history of the digital era of music.

There’s a lot to be learned from these companies… So if you haven’t been paying attention already, it’s time to watch this space.

Most importantly, them and the acts themselves understand who creates the success… The fans! And they always put them first.

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