It took me about 15 seconds of watching a Cub Sport video to understand this band is something special.

Their track “Sometimes” came in at #30 on Triple J’s Hottest 100 – the third year in a row their music has graced this list.

Their latest album came out a couple weeks ago and debuted #1 on the ARIA Australian Artist Albums, and #12 overall. They also became Billboard Pride’s first ever artist of the month.

Following along on their album release journey via the gram felt like witnessing a major label campaign.

From playlisting to outdoor billboards to a diverse content strategy ranging from performances in a tunnel to Kanye West covers to promo runs in various countries throughout the globe, Cub Sport is doing it all… Completely independently. The band is self managed with no record label.

Tim and Sam have been best friends since high school… When they came out, they expressed their love for each other and got married last year. Joined by Zoe and Dan, the four band members are in sync with what it takes to make it as an artist in 2019.

Cub Sport is breaking boundaries and committed to carrying their sound across the globe with a goal of selling out arenas by 2020 across the globe. With their re-imagined alternative synth pop sound, it’s definitely in their future.

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