Mixmax is an email plug-in I really like used by most of us at TH3RD BRAIN.

We originally purchased the Mixmax $9 per month subscription per user for its snooze functionality, but now Gmail has a built-in snooze button.

Back in February of last year, I wrote: If you don’t have snoozing set-up on your inbox, you are equivalent to a soccer team with no goalie. Snoozing is the ultimate game changer – The hack of all hacks!

While MixMax isn’t necessary anymore for snoozing, it does have a few other functions justifying its monthly subscription.

1/I LOVE the way MixMax makes links look in emails I send. They become these preview windows, which I find more compelling for a potential reader to actually click amidst an overwhelming sea of emails. I find this functionality very helpful in elevating the design of my emails when introducing my artists to others.

2/They track opens from the receiving party on emails sent from desktop. 

If your email hasn’t ben read, it will be a grey lightning strike, and if it has, it turns blue and will show the # of times it has been read if more than one.

To be honest, I never concern myself with this… EVER. However, my team was telling me tonight how important this functionality is to them, which got me thinking it could be useful to check if a pitch email I’ve sent has been read if I have not have received a response.

If I need to receive a response, I snooze these emails as they are sent so they return to my inbox to take action, but if I don’t need a response, I typically never go back to check if they were read or not… But it might be worth doing so in the future.

I’ve also seen one click meeting scheduling and sequences used by others on our team.

Anyway, despite not utilizing Mixmax’s snooze button anymore, I’ve decided to keep it as part of my Gmail arsenal and you may want to check it out too.

For those using Outlook, the integration seems on the horizon for the company, but not there yet.


February 28, 2019 8:50 am

we use MixMax at Muuser too. i actually dislike how link previews and pdf previews look, so i turned that function off. here are our most used features ranked:

1. sequences *my business would fail without this, and the auto follow-up feature is insane*
2. templates *easily saves me 30 mins per day*
3. scheduling (share availability) *easily saves me $30k per year in overhead*
4. scheduled send *control the pace of your conversations by scheduling email to send later, also a respectful way to send low-priority emails at night*
4. meeting templates *Protip: turn this into a template and let people schedule time with you directly, i’ve even seen people put the link in their email signature*
5. Live Feed *see who opens your emails and when*
6. scheduling (plan group event) *seldom used, but magic when we do*
7. polls/surveys *this will save everyone’s inbox and people will love you)

Jake Udell
February 28, 2019 4:00 pm

Wow, great feedback! Thanks so much bro.

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