Tracklib is the world’s first record store with songs for sampling.

Sampling has been a part of so many of my favorite hit records – I love watching Kanye West sample videos.

What better way to give a song a chance to succeed then by incorporating elements from a record that has already been a hit?

What better way to get an authentic feel of an era or a region than by including part of a record from that time or place?

Clearing records can be a very expensive and complicated process.

Tracklib streamlines the sample digging and clearing process and therefore is revolutionizing the marketplace for samples.

In fact, T-Minus and J. Cole used the Tracklib platform to find and clear the sample for Middle Child, which is currently #8 on the Billboard Hot 100!

Here’s how it works:

1/You cratedig on through their library of thousands of tracks – you can search by anything from release date to genre to BPM or key. They even have exclusive instrumental and acapellas too.

2/When you find a track you like, save it to your library, or if you’re ready to sample it, you purchase the uncompressed .wav for $1.99.

3/Sample the track and produce it out.

4/If and when you decide you want to release it, get a license for it from the site directly with ZERO negotiation!!!

There are three categories of pricing tiers (A, B, C). The category of the track and the length of the sample you use (less than 2 seconds, up to 15 seconds, or between 15 seconds and one minute) determines the % of revenue from the new track owed to the original creators (or their copyright owners). Below is the pricing breakdown from their site.

5/Pay royalties. Once the song is registered, the publishing royalties will be paid automatically. The master royalties can be paid quarterly to Tracklib or automatically through Distrokid (and more distribution services to come).

This is a groundbreaking proposition for producers and J. Cole’s song will be the first of many Tracklib samples to grace the charts!


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