How do you teach, quantify, and maximize the possibility for virality? 

Here’s the best I’ve come up with…

Degree of Virality =

The unique way(s) a artist, story, or activation is differentiated X a targetable audience ready to engage or be entertained by the differentiation the degree of shareability the content (usually video, sometimes song or photo) has

Is your artist, their story, and their art different enough to stand out?

Is there an audience ready and waiting, currently not being satiated by ANY other artists?

How do you guide the activation(s) to establish interest for the artist’s career long-term?

As far as the degree of shareability factor is concerned, Miles Evert from our team believes it stems from the emotional elements of the content – is it heartfelt, happy, funny, controversial, etc.? 

Is the content shareable enough to spread the story and capitalize on the artist’s differences in a way that propels interest in their career and their art?

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