Dance music hasn’t thrived as much as pop, rap, and latin has in the streaming era.

Dance music only makes up about 5% of music consumption, compared to at least 4x that from hip-hop, rock, and hip-hop.

Either the fanbase isn’t as large as the others, the records being created are not worth repeat playing (according to the fans), or the genre is more characterized by the live experience.

Either way, dance and electronic artists must get even more creative to attract an audience and garner a fanbase. As DJ’s build their own platforms as every artist must do, the opportunity to tap into pre-existing formats to display their talent may arise – Dance festivals are the best example, but occasionally there is a digital application of this concept.

Enter Cercle. Beginning in 2015, they began broadcasting highly credible DJ sets from remarkable locations and are well on their way to 1MM subscribers on YouTube.

In their own words, “Cercle is a livestream platform dedicated to promoting artists & venues. We film and broadcast DJ sets & live performances in carefully selected and unusual places.”

A few weeks ago they released this FKJ set from South Bolivia on the world’s largest salt flat filmed. The French multi-instrumentalist and vocalist displays his many talents in the middle of the ocean as the sun sets… And it’s epic.

Perfect background vibes… Or foreground entertainment… Your choice!


March 24, 2019 9:01 pm

Essential geared with that alto and tenor!

April 12, 2019 5:23 am


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