On July 20, 1969, man landed on the moon.

During the 4 billion years of the Earth’s existence prior to that century, no organism had merely left the its surface, meanwhile achieved such a seemingly impossible feat of leaving its atmosphere and landing on the moon.

So what happened?

We as a species hit what I refer to as the meteoric pointthe moment when vision and deliberate focus leads to a breakthrough extraordinary result.

So how can we design our own lives to achieve moonshot levels of success?

For one, we often can’t tell when the path we’re on is leading to the meteoric point… So when in doubt, stick with it.

“Men desire novelty to such an extent that those who are doing well wish for a change as much as those are doing badly.” – Machiavelli

For millions of years, our world’s surfaces grind against each other… And then all of a sudden, seemingly out of nowhere, the tension leads to an earthquake.

You can see similar examples everywhere throughout science, whether it’s how ice melts, bamboo grows, or cancer spreads (all references from James Clear’s Atomic Habits).┬áIn every scenario, it starts slowly… And then, boom!

However, these explosive matter-altering scenarios are not random moments, but instead, a culmination of previous actions.

Sometimes the only solution is to keep grinding, just like the earth plates.

While we may be on the right path already, sometimes we do experience a change in vision stemming from deep in our gut. When that happens to you, there is the opportunity to shift your habits accordingly to attract the new vision into your life.

As we only consciously use part of our brain at any given time, much of its matter does work subconsciously for us… Whether it’s sending signals to keep our bodies operating every day or it’s sending signals (literally!) out into the world to bring what we think about one step closer to us.

The best way to get the world to come to you is by taking action!

So what actions are you taking today to lead to your meteoric point?

With exponential success due to arrive later, how do you stay motivated and focused toward its achievement?

What habits are currently compounding in your life that will eventually create an impact capable of rocking our world just like a meteor?

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