Back in the day when I was a recording aritst, I used to use fiverr to create UGC since I didn’t have any fans… lol 🙂

Earlier today, a friend asked me if I knew anybody with a certain accent to read part of a script for his podcast. Immediately, I thought of fiverr. My dad had used the platform recently to get celebrity soundalike voiceovers for his radio commercials… For less than $100.

If you’re not familiar, fiverr is a marketplace where services are exchanged for very cheap rates… Starting at $5.

Whether you’re looking for logo design, illustrations, animations, or voiceover work, there are a plethora of very creative people on the platform. In my experience, you won’t find as many expert creators on this platform as you may find on Behance, DeviantArt, or Upwork, but if you’re looking to test out a minimum viable product and don’t have a budget, fiverr is a great solution.

Whether it’s creating animations of everybody in your organization for a company retreat or a quick lyric video, fiverr is always an option.

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