Have you ever come across an article on a site and then can’t find it later?

You search on Google and it’s nowhere to be found…

Or what a site that doesn’t have great search functionality? Or in artofamanager’s case, any search functionality at all 😉

I’ve found it difficult at times to search Google for a specific thing I’m looking for within a website, but that’s no longer a problem since I found this very simple hack.

You can search within any domain (website) simply by entering the following search query on Google:

site:ARTOFAMANAGER.com search term here

It’s that simple. So if you’re looking for information about the Grammys on Billboard, just search — site:Billboard.com Grammys — on Google and you’ll get all the search results about the Grammys only from Billboard.com

I’m not sure how useful this tip is for general terms, but when you really want to find something you’re looking for, I’ve found this useful.

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