Service is the app that gets you paid whenever your flight is delayed or canceled.

You connect your email and it automatically knows all your flights.

From there, if your flight is delayed or even takes off late, it automatically generates a claim on your behalf. This requires nothing from your end, except deleting a few emails entering your inbox from the claim generation.

If you sign up now, they actually backtrack flights you’ve already taken, which may be eligible for money back.

Here’s how it works in action – 

Yesterday, I was traveling back to LA from Aspen, while suffering from cold and flu-like symptoms.

We get to the airport at 6 AM for a 7 AM flight.

At 6:40 AM, we’re told the flight is pushed back to 12:26.

Luckily, I could head back to the condo and sleep for a few hours.

Our plane was one of four of 12 which made it in the night before… But there was no crew in town to fly it until noon. This seems like a fact United knew the night before and should have notified us as flyers well before getting to the airport that morning.

Since they messed up the day, I’m sure I could have called and begged for a voucher to get money back… But who wants or has time to do that?

Enter Service. Within an hour of my flight landing, their AI already made the claim on my behalf and I’ve already gotten money back!

Service also keeps track of my flight vouchers, which I typically am not as organized about storing as I should be. In fact, even writing this post reminds me I need to book a flight in the next few weeks to take advantage of $175 I must have gotten back last year!

They also track your hotel bookings. If the same booking comes available at a lower rate, they will automatically rebook you generating a return of the difference.

You can either pay as you go – 30% of claims received – or subscribe for $49 a year or $199 to “Get Service” for life.

I’m curious whether airlines are hip to this, and if so, what their response is?

I’ve been doing 30% for now to see how it works. Most claims have been unsuccessful, but for the few that pay make it worth it.

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