Earlier this week, I wrote a post titled “What’s Your Jump?” inspired by Yes Theory’s brilliant campaign to get their fans to run around the world together in order to seek discomfort and in the process find their greatest truth… In other words, what do you dare to achieve?

After watching Alex Honnold climb El Capitan in his Oscar winning documentary Free Solo, I realized we must think about our climb too.

You may be wondering: So what’s the difference between a jump and a climb?

You can jump into many thingsBut you can only climb one!

There is no plan B on the climb.

Hypothetically, you could pull out of the climb the first time you attempt it as Alex did. But there were no alternatives – Alex couldn’t climb another peak or back out… He was committed to El Capitan. And he did it.

Most of us will luckily not have to risk our lives in order to pursue our climb, but we can still create a circumstance where our only option is to push through… To achieve greatness aligned with our personal life mission.

To verbally affirm a jump is one thing… Climbing toward it is another.

You need to eliminate all the noise around it… To not worry about what other people will think and to establish a clear path up toward the sky.

Earl Nightingale says, “We become what we think about.” Therefore, visualizing your climb is the first step toward achieving it… So what path will you take?

“We all have our own El Capitan. If (Honnold) can free climb El Capitan, what could we accomplish, if we truly set our minds to it?” -Author Mark Synnot

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