Think of the best decisions you’ve made over the past few years…

{giving you a second to think} 🙂

Seriously… You can stop for one moment to think about it.

Do you have them in your head?


Now, think about the results of those decisions.

If you’re like 100% of the population (literally!), you probably thought about the results in the first place, rather than the decisions behind them.

The human tendency to judge our decisions based on their results is known as resulting.

Life is not like chess, where all the pieces and moves are transparent at all times. It’s more like poker, where there is a semblance of chance and luck playing into every decision.

If something goes wrong, it’s not necessarily because a bad decision was made. In fact, future decisions made based on the judgment that a past decision was poorly made simply because a bad outcome ensued can be detrimental – What if the decision was actually well thought out in the first place, despite its outcome?

And if something goes super well, it is not always attributable to a great decision… Although our brains are super quick to make this assumption.

While results always stem from decisions, once probability is factored in, the result isn’t always caused by the decision.

Results are often the only gauge we have for determining the outcome of our decisions – So it makes sense our brains connect the two.

However, decisions and results are not always connected, despite their correlations – Recognizing this to be true will make you a better decision maker.

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