When it comes to scheduling, James Clear writes that “yes” and “no” are not equivalent to each other – Saying “yes” is committing to that one specific opportunity, whereas saying “no” leaves all other possibilities open.

In fact, James refers to saying “no” as the ultimate productivity hack.

Deep work is often the most important work we can do, yet most people don’t schedule it. Why not?

Well, we often feel compelled and pressured to say “yes” to invites from others, but what about saying “yes” to ourselves?

It feels a bit awkward at first to schedule time with yourself. But once you get used to scheduling time to do what you want or need to do, it’s a game changer.

If you’re like me, you may dig having texts on your laptop as you work.

So now, you’re finally at your computer ready to do deep work… And your notifications are going off like crazy!

Well, on Macbooks, this is a really simple fix, but it’s a bit hidden… For a few months, I just let these notifications come up on my new computer during deep work. I would disregard them, but the reality is they are quite distracting and we deserve the space to create DEEP WORK!

If you haven’t bothered to figure out how to temporarily shut these notifications off, all you need to do is click the three lines icon in the upper right corner of your MAC. You will see the date at the top and your instinct will be to scroll down to find the option to easily turn the text notifications off.

But you actually need to scroll up! From there, you can easily turn on the “do not disturb” functionality on to protect your deep work sessions… Or even make sure notifications don’t pop-up while you’re presenting on your computer.

Deep work supercharges growth. It propels our learning, enables us to clearly communicate our thoughts, and plan for the future.

The ability to complete deep work is becoming one of the most sought after skills today’s leaders need, and it starts with having the right environment… So in addition to turning your phone upside down, turn those laptop notifications off when you’re entering a deep work session and watch your GIDQ rise 🙂

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