Thanks to all of you who joined me in the mourning of Inbox last week 😉 It was a sad day for my fellow productivity nerds who spent every day with the greatest email app ever invented.

Your shared condolences and advice were greatly appreciated – Even if I wasn’t able to respond to everybody, I did read them all.

As many of you know by now, within hours of my post, Google rolled out the swipe-to-snooze functionality across its Gmail app – a huge win!

Now, the two critical differences I notice between Gmail and Inbox are –

a) reply functionality – Inbox replied within the chain by lengthening the window to open a reply, whereas Gmail opens up a new reply window, which is a bit clunky.

b) snooze from email – since there’s no snooze icon within a message, snooze is an extra click away.

One benefit to the Gmail app is having all my inboxes from one view. My wife Rachel said this functionality was available on Inbox, but I never used it and was always bouncing between a couple inboxes, so this is one pleasant surprises of the switch.

There is extreme value in being the incumbent.

For example, I don’t know if Android is a better operating system… But I never try it since I’m used to iOS. It would take an immense technology upgrade from a competitor to get me to switch… Even more challenging for a challenger, since the iPhone accomplishes all my needs, I’m not even sure what I would be looking for.

The same theory applies to my search for the best email app.

After generating several invites from users in this community to the top execs at Superhuman, I was informed I was placed to the top of their 130,000 person waiting list… I never wound up getting the actual invitation, but I did receive replies from subscribers saying it was overly complicated and did not meet their needs, especially as prior Inbox users. Spark interested me because of its ability to collaborate with colleagues off chain on emails, but when I downloaded it yesterday, the multiple inboxes scared me off instantly. Curious to know if others had this issue as well… I know these apps have a learning curve, but was I willing to put in the time?

In a world where time is our most valuable commodity, I find myself gravitating toward what I know works… Sometimes at the cost of finding something new and better… And sometimes, as in the case of Gmail, it just works.

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