Earlier this week, I took a phone call with a founder whose company recently raised tens of millions of dollars from one of the biggest venture firms in the world.

He’s currently blitzscaling his operation, as any great tech entrepreneur does.

It takes extreme confidence to envision growing a business at this level and make the right moves to do so.

The required level of delusional optimism required to lead a company at this level can create tunnel vision since one needs to convince themselves they are definitely on the right path… Which can at times lends itself to arrogance.

What fascinated me so much by this call was the opposite emotion conveyed by the founder… His openness and humility.

In his own words, “Jake… We need so much help… I can’t even tell you.”

That specific word help was a reminder that no matter where you are in your career or what stage your business is, we all need help.

However, how often are we afraid to ask for it? To state it so bluntly that we may even attract it? 

Hearing the word “help” stated so confidently by this founder gave me the courage to remember the power of it. And inherently, the power of vulnerability. Hopefully, reading this story will give the same energy to you.


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