You may have already seen this start-up make their debut last year as ROSTR has been making noise.

Positioned as LinkedIn meets Yelp for the music industry, ROSTR is the most comprehensive modern directory of everybody in the music business.

They’re building attention by using their directory to put together research that will interest many of us.

At the end of last year, ROSTR published their first report breaking down the most successful music management companies based on marketshare and charts (streaming services, Billboard, etc.)

Today, they’re back at it again. This time revealing the breakdown of talent booking agencies with the most acts on Coachella.

ROSTR was started by Mark Williamson, Spotify’s former head of artist relations, and his co-founder Adam Watson, a former senior engineer at Spotify & founding CTO of Crowdalbum, which was acquired by Spotify.

As the music industry becomes more accessible, it’s also becoming more fragmented. In order to keep growing, there needs to be resources and eduction to better connect the dots on how to grow artist’s careers – Tools for artists and their teams to find people and services to support their careers, as well as tools for brands and companies outside the industry to connect with artists and their teams.

In the future, ROSTR may be a marketplace, sitting in the middle and helping to make these connections and unlock opportunities for this new music industry.

If you need an invite, feel free to just use “artofamanager” as your referral code and you’ll get set-up within 24 hours.

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